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Anime is love, but anime isn't life, it just makes your life fun.

Animesannins brings you non-professional reviews on some quality anime shows. If you ever felt that those reviews written by critics go over your head, then you have come to the right place.

As there is currently only one active author here and two more in reserve, the reviews written here are clearly based on his opinion, although some insight from the viewpoint of others is also provided.

Animesannins came into existence on 25th August, 2015 when webmaster Deepak though of starting a new blog after shutting down his previous one, which was based on Blogger tricks.

About Deepak Thakur a.k.a animesannin

I am a college student who was introduced to the beautiful world of anime/manga/light novels through a TV channel called Animax. This short story might not interest everyone but still I am obliged to share it here.
One fine day after pulling of a allnighter while studying for the exams, I was resting to replenish my energy. I love to watch TV, mainly infotainment channels. Surprisingly though, nothing interesting was being aired on all my favorite channels during that time. While shuffling through channels, I came across a cartoon channel called Animax, although I was aware of its existence, I never gave it much heed. But that day, I decided to force watch it for 10 minutes. The anime that was airing that time was Oregairu, within 10 minutes my life changed. I got hooked up and ended up watching all the shows that followed after it.

I would also like to mention here that I used to hate anime and made fun of my friends who watch them. But now I understand what anime really is and as someone who was on the other side of track before, I think I have what it takes to promote this culture.

I am still a bit new but I hope you enjoy me reviews here.


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