Wednesday, October 25, 2017

High School DxD Season 4 Announced (Trailer)

Finally after years of wait High School Dxd Season-4 (High School Dxd Hero) was finally announced with a teaser released on YouTube. High School DxD Born was the last season which aired back in 2015 and had a rushed and different storyline. The anime will possibly air in mid 2018.

What's New?

The new season will probably adapt volume 9 and volume 10 of the novel. But it is just a speculation as Born had a different storyline. The story will probably focus more on Rating Games arc and the rise of the Hero Faction under Cao Cao. The series might also unveil 10-11 Longinus gears with the Ultimate True Longinus belonging to Hero Faction Leader and antagonist of the arc, Cao Cao. Currently, till season 3, the two Longinus in focus were The Divine Dividing belonging to Vali and Boosted Gear belonging to Issei ranking 6th and 5th respectively.
The anime is being animated by a different studio and features new character designs with old Voice cast returning to work on the anime. The production staff has also been changed.

What to expect?

The trailer has received mixed reviews mainly because of change in the art. But for die hard DxD fans, it wont matter as the trailer looks promising. As a High School DxD light novel fan, I can assure you that the story only gets better and 9th and 10th volumes, which are being adapted carryheck of a punch. Return of the original VA cast is also a plus point. The author clearly stated that Season-3 (Born) was a disappointment so we can assume that this season will stay true to the source material. As usual, expect more boobs and erotic stuff from the anime. Also, return of Rias and her servants is wait we have been waiting for.

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