Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Shelter Review-6 Minutes of Pure Awesomeness!

 Rating: 8.5/10

Hey guys, so today I will be reviewing the music video Shelter and present my opinions on it. Its been out for about half a year but I am a lazy brat so it took me this long to come up with a review. I might be late to the party, but better late than never.
Before beginning let me say that this review will be different from my other reviews because Shelter isn’t a full fledged anime so judging it on the basis of characters and stuff won’t be possible. But I will try my best to cover other things like animation and story.

So lets begin.

Shelter is a music video for the song “Shelter” by Porter Robinson and Madeon and is animated by A-1 pictures. It is 6 minutes in length and tells story about a girl named Rin  who lives in a virtual reality world which she can model to her own tastes using a tablet. She is alone and spends her time drawing the world on the tablet. Until one day she starts to recover her memories and realizes that she used to live with her father in a world that was nearing its end. All alone and now aware of her past, Rin decides to cherish her memories and move on.In short, Shelter is ninja movie where the ninjas cut onions around you for 6 minutes.

Lets start with animation, as it is the first thing that one notices while watching the video. Hands of to Megumi Kouno for coming up with such good character designs and for all the animation work. The art in Shelter is just beautiful, it has vivid colors, mind blowing background and structure design and is really fluid. Nothing less to expect from A-1 pictures, studio behind some of the most successful anime series. Each key frame is designed very carefully and is flawless.

Next we come to the music. The song by Porter Robinson Madeon fits perfectly with the video, it has to because the video was made for the song but still, both work very well with each other. The music is very good with very touching lyrics that go perfectly with the story that is shown in the video.

As for characters, there are only two. One is Rin, the main character and the other one might be her Dad. Not much about the later is known considering that the total length of the video is 6 minutes. Rin is a girl who lives alone in a simulated world while her body is floating in space in a life sustaining pod. She is 17 years old and lonely. She wants to meet other people until she realises the harsh reality of her existence. You cannot not feel sorry for the girl.

I think Shelter was a very good video. It made me sad because I felt bad for Rin. Her story is very tragic and I almost felt a heartache when the part where her dad launches her into space came. The ending of the video was even more shocking and sad, but somehow it made me happy when Rin smiled with tears in her eyes. Shelter was able to achieve a lot in 6 minutes. It was able to tell a very well crafted tragic story that can possible throw you into depression while blowing your mind using amazing music and visuals. I enjoyed it to the core and I have already watched it for around 8-9 times.

So grab a box of tissues(only for crying puposes), and jump onto youtube, load the video and try not to cry.

Lemme know what you think about Shelter in the comments Section. Cheers!😉

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