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Anime Review: Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

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Source: MAL

Rating: 8/10

Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (Re: Life in Different world from zero) or simply ReZero revolves around the story of a NEET named Subaru who one day is suddenly teleported to a fantasy world. Instead of freaking out, Subaru immediately accepts the new reality and decides to live a very comfortable life in the new world. While he is gathering more information about this new world, he runs into some thugs but is saved by a silver haired girl who introduces herself as Satella. Satella stopped to help him even though she was running after a thief who stole her valuable insignia. To return the favor, Subaru decides to help her to find her stolen item. Eventually, they find the thief's hideout and decide to visit her loothouse during night-time. Unfortunately for them, everyone in loothouse is slaughtered and before both of them could grasp the situation, they too end up dead.
Subaru soon finds himself standing in the city again, being cornered by the thugs again and watching the same things happen as he soon realizes that he returns to past each time he dies.

Now ReZero was nowhere on my to-watch list but after watching a meme based on a certain character in the series, I decided to give it a try as I had nothing better to do. Now ReZero is what you call a satisfying anime. The premises is not something new and has been experimented with thousands of time but ReZero takes it to another level. There are anime where the MC (generally a NEET) is teleported to a fantasy world where he has a purpose to serve. But unlike other shows ReZero is different in many ways. The main character i.e. Subaru doesn’t freak out, instead he immediately starts to gather knowledge about the new world and thinks that he is a chosen one and is granted with powers (his hopes shatter soon though). The story also becomes dark in between and has a lot of plot twists in it. The interesting thing about ReZero is that the story actually feels very original and fresh.

For me, characters are everything. I always go for shows that have some good characters who experience a little bit of transition as the anime progresses. Thankfully, ReZero has a lot of interesting characters. Enough for me to make a top ten characters in ReZero list (Link will be added soon in the bottom).
Lets start of with Subaru, the main character. He is a NEET but is quite open and friendly. He is also quite funny and a pervert. Due to his return to past by death situation, he experiences a lot of shift in character. I hate to say it but a point comes when he becomes irritating, unbearable and really aggressive to others around him but returns to his original self soon. He has no special abilities but he is able to impress others easily using his sense of humor and his friendly attitude.

I though of writing about her later but all the ReZero fans might literally find and kill me so here it is, a character Review on Rem. Now Rem is the reason half the fans really love ReZero. In the initial episodes, she might not seem important but as the anime progresses, her role as s strong and independent character becomes indispensable. She is the younger twin of Ram and works as a maid in the Roswell household. Despite her petite appearance, she is actually quite powerful considering that she is a demon. She is the character that is developed the most throughout the series. Frankly speaking, the existence of ReZero without Rem is unimaginable. Rem is quite understanding, funny and a bag full of sweetness. Most people ship her and Subaru but there is one character that I like more than Rem.

Sorry folks but Rem was pushed to second place as the first place for my favorite character in the series was taken by Emilia. She is a half elf girl with white hair and is a magic and spirit arts user. She is also a candidate for the royal selection for the new ruler. Because of her resemblance to the evil witch, she is quite often given a cold shoulder by most people. Emilia is kind, a bit naive, innocent and a very sweet girl with a very calm temper. Although she doesn’t get much screentime during the later half of the show, she still is my favorite character in ReZero and is one my favorite female anime character.
There are plenty of lovely characters in the show like Ram, Puck, Crusch, Felix, Felt, the list goes on, watch the show and make sure to comment your favorite character.

The art in  ReZero is just amazing. It is colorful and well detailed. The OST is extremely good with awesome opening and ending songs.

ReZero was good, but it had some flaws. The first major flaw which is also seen in shows of similar nature is the large amount of boring monologues. The second flaw (atleast for me) was that Emilia, the main heroine was completely ignored throughout the later half of the anime. The third flaw is that in between, the show became repetitive and predictable and also unbearable to watch. Other than that, ReZero is a really good anime with nice story and characters.

To sum it all up, ReZero is definitely one of the best anime that came out this year and does deserve a sequel. It has nice story, unique and lovely characters, a bit of psychological touch, tonnes of gore and very well done action scenes. It keeps you in suspense as the episodes mostly end in cliffhanger. It is an anime with a well done main character, waifu material female characters and OP villains. ReZero covers a few volumes of the light novel which is still publishing so the last episode isn't that satisfactory. 

Compared to the first half of the show, the second half focuses on a different set of characters so the continuity in the overall development of some major characters is hindered. But the story does continue in a very good way and makes you beg for more. I have seen people complaining about the show because it was not able to meet their expectations and I can see where that came from but when you look at the big picture, you will understand that everything that happened was for a reason. You see, the main reason why ReZero is receiving a lot of hate is that the MC undergoes a sudden change and becomes a total a**hole in between and coincidentally, the story also looses its charm at the same moment. But I would have been more disappointed if something like it wouldn’t have happened considering the premise of ReZero and that the main character is a normal human being and undergoing situations like that makes one lose his sanity for a moment. Even the legendary light Novel HakoMari had a similar incident but nobody complained (HakoMari is still the best work of fiction ever written imo).
I loved ReZero, it was a really good show so I recommend that you people give it a try too.

Who would watch ReZero?
No Game No Life fans, people who like fantasy and supernatural, but seeing that there is a downfall in quality in between, ReZero might disappoint some viewers.

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