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10 Reasons why Noblesse Manhwa Absolutely Rocks!

Noblesse is a Korean manhwa series (it is manga but made in Korea) written by Son Jeho and Lee Kwangsu and is published on LINE webtoons. Since the release of its first chapter, this cool manhwa is getting popular and as of today is ranked at  #4 on MyAnimelist top Manhwa list.

Noblesse follows the story of Cadis Etrama Di Raizel (aka Rai or Raizel) who wakes up after a 820 year sleep and finds himself in a whole new (current) world. Immediately after waking up, he uses his powers to change into clothing that most people are wearing on streets, uniform of a Korean High school. He follows the students and ends up meeting his loyal servant Frankenstein, who is the chairman of the said school. With the help of his loyal servant, Rai starts living a normal life but soon his normal life is threatened by a secret organization called “The Union”. Rai has now to face both the Union and the everyday life, with the later being more troublesome!

Everybody loves vampires, right? I am not talking about the twilight shit here but the cool image of vampire one forms when one hears the name of Count Dracula. But what it you are not into vampires, does that mean you won't enjoy Noblesse? It you are thinking so then you are completely wrong, as in all the chapters that have been currently released, the word vampire only comes up a few times. Rai and other similar people are not Vampires but just long living creatures that don’t dwell on blood and live a very noble life.
So what makes Noblesse a fun pop? Read these 10 things that make noblesse an interesting Manhwa (or manga if you don’t like the word).

1. Good Story

Noblesse has a very nice story (and did I mention you get to read it online) that has some nice twists along the road and keeps you coming back for more. I could not resist delaying it and read 405 chapters in less than 4 days. If you know me, you might already know that I read maximum of 20 chapters a day but while reading Noblesse that average went up to 100!

2. Cool Characters.

 Most of the characters in Noblesse are awesome and have a classy vibe to them, most classy of them being being Raizel. He might be the main character but he has the least number of dialogues and did I mention it earlier that he is way OP. I mean he can kill his enemies in an instant without even touching them.

3. Bad-ass female characters

Be it Raskreia, Seira or any other jaw dropping beauty. They are powerful, beautiful and classy as hell. They are the types of girls that can make you shit your pants from fear while your heart throbbing like a maniac lover. They are independent, strong, kind, silent and empathetic (just how I like ‘em).

4. Colorful Art

I am not talking about the cover or intro pages. Whole of the Noblesse series has colored art (considering its a webtoon) so you get a much more detailed insight into what really is happening. The art is also very neat which really helps every time an action scene pops up. It is also one of the reasons for the popularity of Noblesse as it is an untold fact that art is the main selling point for any manga (or manhwa in this case).

5. The cool and classy Vibe

There will be moments when you might want to get well dressed and prepare yourself some English tea while reading Noblesse. It is as they say, “To understand class, you must have class”. The so called Nobles mentioned in Noblesse have very cool character traits and follow their noble principles even if it might lead to their death.

6. Frankenstein

If you have already read Noblesse, you might be smiling by now. Noblesse without Frankenstein is unimaginably boring.  We got Vampire like beings, we got Werewolves, but what about the plain old weaklings called humans, we got Frankenstein bitches. A maniac who is ready to kick ass all the time. Although he maintains a much cooler and gentle attitude all the time, but once his power seal is released by Rai, he turns into a ruthless killing machine that likes to tease and abuse his enemy for fun.

7. Action!

The first 50-100 hundred chapters are a bit action devoid considering that Rai could annihilate any enemy without any pain. It gets trickier later as new powerful enemies pop up and other characters on the good side also start fighting them. Oh and did I mention that the action scenes are well drawn so you will be able to simulate them easily in your imagination.

8. Mystery

Although Noblesse might seem plain at first sight but as you read more, more questions pop up. Like Who is the Unions’s first elder? How is Shinwoo so powerful? How come Frankenstein have so much connections? Who does Raskreia like? and so on. There are more but I don’t want you cursing me for spoilers.

9. Its has comedy
Yep, characters are not always fighting, so they live a normal life during there free time. There are lots of funny parts where you might even facepalm yourselves. Most of them are related to our cool Main character Rai, who has difficulty adjusting in the modern world. Although Frankenstein does his best by writing him manuals on how to do use the basic technology. Rai was also introduced to counter strike by Shinwoo and his friends but he had difficulty playing as he did not know how to use the computer.To add to his pain, he soon played with Raskriea who happened to be a natural and beat everyone’s ass during her first play.

10. Nice characters do die
Now many of you might have problem with this, but for me miraculous getaways are just boring (How did Aizawa sensei survive Noumu in Boku no Hero Academia?). The author did his best by keeping Rai alive but he did kill some nice side characters. I felt bad for them but I do believe that overly happy endings are not good. Just take an Example from Clannad AS,(<spoiler alert!!>) yeah I know it was a good happy ending but I would have preferred Nagisa and Ushio dead.(</spoiler>)

If you want a well detailed review on Noblesse, visit here!

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