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Anime Review: My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia)

my hero academia

Rating: 7.5/10

A few years back, humanity took another step towards evolving into better species as children with superpower granting quirks were born. Now more than 80% of world population posses quirks while the remainder are normal individuals. The discovery of quirks led to rise of heroes who use  them to protect citizens from villains.
Midoriya Izuku is a teenager who dreams of being a superhero, unfortunately he was born without a quirk. Using his observations skills and passion for heroism, he now keeps a detailed record of every hero he sees. Midoriya dreams of enrolling into the UA hero course, which has very low acceptance rate and produces the finest heroes including the number one hero and Midoriya’s idol, All Might.
Midoriya’s dream seem far away from reality, but a sudden encounter with All might will change his life as All Might chooses Midoriya as his successor and prepares to pass down his quirk “One for All” to him.

Normally, I write spoiler free summaries so some of you might get upset with this one but I had to write a somewhat detailed one as it doesn’t matter if you watch My Hero Academia even after reading the whole story (Read next paragraph for more info).

Frankly speaking, story is not the strong point of My Hero Academia. It is nothing special but it doesn’t mean that it is completely useless. It is a type of story that doesn’t affect your anime experience much. The reason for that is simple,  the anime covers a small part of a manga that might have hundreds of chapter in coming the future. So it is similar to watching a small arc of a very big anime. We have Izuku Midorya, commonly called as Deku as our main character. He is a fanboy who dreams of becoming a hero. Unfortunately, he doesn’t posses the ability to use any superpowers and hence is quirkless. What he has is will to fight for saving others and that is why All Might chooses him as the successor to his quirk (it is kept a secret though). He trains and does stuff to be able to withstand the power generated while using the quirk but most of the times his hero time ends with multiple broken bones and injuries to him. Now what I covered here was content of first 2-3 episodes as the real fun starts after he gains and uses the quirk. So don’t worry, I haven't revealed the whole plot here.
The setting of My Hero Academia is similar to that of other Shōnen anime. There are some turns and twists here and there but it is nothing special. Does that mean it is boring? Absolutely not. People who will enjoy My Hero Academia will know it right after watching the first episode. At this point, it is also worth mentioning that the ending shouts for a second season, as it doesn’t conclude the anime. So I recommend you go ahead and start reading the manga too.

Coming to the characters, Midoriya Izuku is the main character while All Might, Uraraka, Iida, Bakugou and all his classmates are some important side characters. Before getting trained by All Might, Izuku can be seen as a coward. He is introvert, a crybaby and fears his childhood friend Bakugou who he generally refers to as Kacchan. He usually gets made fun of due to him being a quirkless and has been told countless times that he can’t be a hero. Still, he fantasizes about being one and wants to enroll into the UA hero course which has an acceptance rate of 1 out of 300. Coincidentally, Bakugou also plans of going there and wants to be the first and only one from his school to do so. This leads to  tension between them but frankly speaking, Bakugou already used to bully him so it was nothing new. Izuku is a typical fanboy and admires All Might as his favorite hero. Luckily for him, he one day meets All Might who addresses him as a “True Hero” and decides to give his quirk to him. After undergoing hard training and inheriting the most powerful quirk ever known, Izuku still remains a crybaby and coward when it comes to talking and dealing with others. However it is worth mentioning here that he is a true hero because he risked his life multiple times to save others.

Another notable character in Series is Bakugou. He posses a very powerful quirk that lets him generate and use fire explosively. He is arrogant, proud, short tempered and looks down on other people. His character traits make him an Anti Hero. He intends of being the number one hero and plans to unroll into UA academy. On the surface, it might seem like he fights on an impulse without thinking about any strategy but later it is shown that he has very good observations skills and knows what his opponent is thinking (there is a single exceptional case though). After enrolling into the UA, he meets people who have very powerful quirks who might beat him easily. This leads to a change in his heart and he starts working hard to improve his skills. He likes to work alone and usually argues with other classmates.
Considering that the section might get a bit long, here is one line descriptions for some other characters.
Uraraka- Airhead Bubbly girl that gets along with everyone, has a quirk that lets her eliminate gravity acting on anything she touches, has side effects though.

Iida- Ideal student, thinks about others, is quite disciplined and likes to lead others. Has a quirk that lets him run super fast.

All Might- Number one hero in the world, puts his life on line to do hero work, caring. Has a quirk that gives him immeasurable power.
etcetera etcetera

The point is, expecting serious character development from such an anime is like asking for beef pie in a vegan restaurant. My Hero Academia is not a very deep show and if you are disappointed that the characters are shallow, then this anime is not the one at fault here..

I am reading the manga, and it amazes me how well adapted the art is. Even some prominent scenes from manga are adapted into the anime. The art is nice but I won’t call it absolutely wonderful. It suits the show though.

The ost is decent with a very catchy opening done by Porno Graffiti (wtf is that name), it might seem irrelevant, but a youtuber named Jonathan Young has done an English cover for it which is really badass, you can watch it here.

I didn’t get enough time while watching My Hero Academia to find out any serious drawbacks because I was busy laughing or biting my nails, but still if I had to point one, it would be the boring dialogues that take place during the last few episodes.

For me, My Hero Academia turned out to be a great experience. I was surfing the net and I found out some negative remarks saying that it is nothing special and people giving it a low rating for that reason, but I believe that if you enjoy something, there is no reason for giving it low score just because it doesn’t has something that another show of similar genre has. Now you might be thinking that why didn’t I go ahead and just give it a ten? Simple, because I have seen better anime that still come back to me as sweet memories and getting a 10 from me (on this particular website only) is not an easy task (There is one anime with a 10 score but I haven't written a review on it). My Hero Academia is colorful, bubbly and hilarious which gets serious time to time. We have some lovely characters and nice action scenes. It is not a very deep anime (for now) and is just mean for having some action packed fun while chewing down some snacks. I liked My Hero Academia and in my opinion it was a nice anime.

Who would watch My Hero Academia?
Shōnen fans and people who want to watch something that can act as a light breather when shifting from one anime to another.

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