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6 Reasons why HakoMari is the best Light Novel!


Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria (The Empty box and the Zeroeth Maria) is a light novel series written by Japanese author Eiji Mikage. The series concluded with the release of its 7th and final volume last year and has been claimed by many to be one of the best novels ever to be written.
For me, HakoMari was my second light novel. I was compelled to read it after I discovered that it is ranked 2nd on Myanimelist manga rankings and 1st in the light novel section. The summary was a bit unappealing, but I do admit that it has to be one of the best written piece. And yeah, I read normal novels also, generally novels from Victorian era.

So here I present you a small list of things that make HakoMari the best of the best, a true masterpiece.

1. Long, continuous, unique and a compelling story.
hakomari animesannins

I would have summarized the story here but considering that it is almost impossible to do so, I decided to leave it without a synopsis. Hakomari has a very complex story and is one of a kind. The story itself is so mesmerizing that you will completely neglect the fact that the whole first volume takes place in one single room. The power of Hakomari’s story doesn’t end here, its perfection remains constant throughout the very end.

2. Exceptional and well Developed Characters
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Similar to the story, HakoMari has a unique and interesting set of characters. Although there are only a few of them, each one of them is given a certain personality and a nice backstory. Not even a single character in the story is unreal. Each of them has a unique personality trait that makes them feel almost real. Be it Kazuki, who values his everyday life or Aya, who is like a tsundere super girl, or even Diaya, who is Light by mind and Near by appearance (Deathnote Reference), each one of them has a complex personality.

3. Psychological Intensity
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Hakomari has a lot of sub genres, but the most well done has to be psychological. If you think Deathnote f*cked up your brain, and that Mirai Nikki’s survival game was brutal, then give HakoMari a try and see how well it incorporates the psychological genre, particularly in the survival game arc.

4. Dark and mysterious
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Eiji Mikage (HakoMari’s Author) is a master of creating dark and uneasy atmospheres. Readers of Kamisu Reina series will understand what I am trying to say here. HakoMari has a lot of mysteries that begin to surface right from the beginning.  Though it gets more mysterious with every volume, rest assured as everything is answered in the later volumes. Given that HakoMari has a certain atmosphere to it that keeps your senses alarmed all the time, it is safe to say that the suspense might literally kill you.

5. Superb narration
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You ever read Sherlock Holmes, The 13 Problems or any other detective or criminal novel? The thing we love about these novels is that all the clues are given to the readers before the protagonist finally solves the case. Though HakoMari is not a detective novel, it still feels like one considering that it has narration similar to a detective novel. Each line that you read will raise an “if” in your mind, you brain will be overloaded by the facts that need to be jotted down in order to predict the conclusion, but sadly you will be proven wrong each and every time. And this is the beauty of HakoMari, it is unpredictable at every point.

6. Perfect Ending.
hakomari animesannins

For me and many others who long for an ending that suits the story, HakoMari is truly a ray of hope in this cold dark world. I do not get satisfied by an ending easily, and that is the reason why most of the reviewed stuff here don’t get a perfect score, but HakoMari satisfied my soul. It satisfied me to the point that I was about to leave watching anime and reading manga and light novels. It satisfied me to the extent that I can now die in peace!

So folks this was my list on 6 Reasons why HakoMari is the best light Novel, to read a full exaggerated review, visit Light Novel Review:Utsuro No Hako to Zero no Maria
Ahh, I am currently reading the No Game No Life series so expect a review soon. See ya!

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