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Anime Review:Toradora

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Toradora revolves around the daily life of Takasu Ryuji, a high-school student who has eyes of serial killer and thus his new classmates find it hard to approach him. On his first day of school, he finds out that his crush Minori and best friend Kitamura are also in the same class. As he walks while spacing out, he encounters a girl named Aisaka Taiga a.k.a The Palm-top-tiger who happens to be the best freind of Minori. She accidently leaves a love letter meant fot Kitamura in Ryuji’s bag and tries to silent him by attacking him when he is home alone. To save his skin, Ryuji agrees to help her with Kitamura in exchange of Taiga helping him with Minori.

Toradora, claimed to one of the best anime belonging to the romcom genre truly lives up to its popularity. If you read Toradora reviews on net, you will find people claiming that Toradora became their favorite instantly. Unfortunately it wasn’t the case for me but still Toradora climbed up to rank 2 on my favorite romcoms and that is certainly not a small thing.

I knew about Toradora before I even watched my first anime. It stagnated on my to watch list for about a full year, until I gave it a try a few days back. Although  I am cursing myself for not watching it a bit earlier but I am glad that I did not forget about it.

Coming back to the review, the plot and setting of Toradora is very comfortable to make a excellent romcom. Each episode packs content worth 2 full episodes but still is able to deliver it perfectly with a good pace. Every single episode was unique and of the finest quality.With this much said, it is easy to imagine that the story is quite good and has a certain continuity to it. All the build-up that takes place during the initial episodes finally pay of during the last few episodes. The nice blend of comedy and Drama give it a very refined and gentle touch. Each episode leads to some new development and make the anime quite unpredictable. The whole story might cover a time span of more than a year without you even noticing it. 
The chemistry between various characters and the way they live with their ideals is surprisingly a lot mature that what one would expect from a romcom. The summary quite accurately depicts what the MC’s want but you can easily find them deviating from their actual goal which gives Toradora more quality content and a beautiful story-line.
The enjoyment factor was very high for me, Toradora has a lot of funny scenes, I literally had to pause many times to have a proper laugh or sometimes to recover from shock.

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Although Toradora has a nice story, but it is not what makes this anime special. The core of Toradora lies with its characters. Their complex relationships with each other and drama that builds up when their true nature unfold gives Toradora a mature touch. The household expert Ryuji, fearsome yet considerate Taiga, airheaded yet complex Minori, helpful yet helpless Kitamura, Arrogant yet understanding Ami and my favorite happy go lucky yet courageous and hardworking Yusako. These people make Toradora fun to watch. The characters might not seem deep in the beginning but they are explored with time and it will make you wonder if they are the same people. Anime that give a deep psychological analysis of its characters are usually meant for a mature audience but the characters in Toradora are very well balanced between being mature and having the same energy and thought process of a normal high school student. What really attracted my attention was the depth of relationships and remarkable development of the main characters which lead to a very ideal ending.

The art and soundtrack is also quite amazing, everything is vibrant and bright that suits the light setting. The music is also quite remarkable with great opening and ending songs. The art is quite eye catching with everything being very colorful and has a calming appeal to it.On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give 8 for both art and music respectively.

Now the question comes, Who would watch Toradora?
As I stated earlier, toradora is a must for any romcom fan. Other than that, it can also appeal to people who are searching for some good Drama or slice of life anime, even more, Toradora also had some action and a really cool fight scene.

In short, Toradora is a must for a romcom fan. It is not a masterpiece but it is surely close enough. If you need to see what a quality anime really is, give Toradora a try for it is one of the best I’ve encountered.

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