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Anime Review: Cowboy Bebop

cowboy bebop

Rating: 9/10

In the year 2071 A.D., humans have spread throughout the solar system on various planets and asteroids after the catastrophic GATE incident which lead to the moon rocks colliding with earth. In this age, the police seeks help from bounty hunters to catch criminals throughout the solar system. One such bounty Hunter, Spike is on the look for heavy bounties with his ex-cop sidekick Jet on a beat down ship. But every time they catch a criminal, some unforeseen circumstances lead to them getting no money out of it. Venturing through the system, they meet some new and weird people some of which forcefully join their group. The greedy Faye Valentine, the super smart dog Ein and the happy-go-lucky hacker Edward.
Using their abilities, they try to catch criminals together and move on, but their pasts won’t let them to.

It is not wrong to say that Cowboy Bebop is one of the best anime ever made and is truly a masterpiece. When even Hollywood celebrities turn out to be big fans of an anime, then it can easily be deducted that the show must actually be good. Cowboy Bebop not only left impact on the anime industry, or even on the entertainment industry as a whole, but also on the minds of whoever watched it.

The story seems simple, and it really looks like it during the first few episodes. When you watch Cowboy Bebop, you seldom get the feeling that you are watching an anime, It feels more like watching an Oscar winning retro movie. Each episode is a little story in itself and the only link between the various episodes is the characters. Due to lack of continuity, it might be difficult to keep track of the timeline, but this lack of continuity makes Cowboy bebop even more exciting. The whole setting and story resembles pure awesomeness. The best part about cowboy bebop is that although two consecutive episodes might not have any link in their stories, everything turns out to be well connected in the end. Its like watching a dream and then waking up to the reality and that is what happens in Cowboy Bebop.
For people who are more into tear-jerking anime, I assure you Cowboy bebop will provide you with plenty of scenes to shed them.
For people like me who long for a perfect ending, Cowboy Bebop truly satisfies the hunger for that. Of all the anime I have ever seen, Cowboy Bebop has the most perfect and adequate ending.

The characters in Cowboy Bebop are just lovely. They seem like real human beings and they act accordingly. Although they might seem simple at first, but as the anime progresses, their complex nature is revealed with their even more complex past. Spike, Jet, Faye, Ed and Ein have already climbed up the list of my favorite characters. Their personalities are are very complex and you get to see multiple sides of them. Many of the side characters introduced are also very unique and well developed. The realism displayed through characters make them easy to be connected and empathize with. Spike, our main hero is a cool guy with a quit personality, Faye on the other side is quite the energetic one (when it comes to money) but is also very gentle sometimes, Jet is a well composed and mature character who is able to make the most rational decision, Ed is well, a lunatic but is quite smart, Ein might seem like a normal dog but he is able to understand everything very well. All these characters work very well with each other and their different and contradicting personalities make it even more fun to watch Cowboy Bebop. The development that takes during the last few episodes refines their relationships and elevates it to a very new level.

Well, as people say, Cowboy bebop is all about Jazz, so how can we miss the music here. Cowboy Bebop has a phenomenal soundtrack. The opening song has only about a few words in lyrics but it is still one of the best openings. The ending song is what made me watch Cowboy bebop at first place so no complaints about that. The OST has a mix of songs from almost every music genre and many songs will make you achieve trance.

To summarize it, Cowboy Bebop is one of the coolest anime ever made. It can even easily entertain people who are not into anime. Cowboy Bebop can easily be defined as a masterpiece as it is something that reaches directly to your heart. It has achieved something great in just 26 episodes that many anime struggle to even touch in hundreds of episodes. From start till the end, Cowboy Bebop is a crazy ride with a very refined story and even more refined characters. Like many other anime from the 90s, cowboy bebop also left a mark on history of anime and shaped many shows that came after it. From episode 1 to episode 26, it was pure perfection with a good touch of balanced humor. I enjoyed it a lot, and I believe I will enjoy it again when I re-watch it after a few weeks.

Who would watch Cowboy Bebop?
Cowboy Bebop is not limited to a particular demographic or audience. If you love cool shows with excellent characters and fighting scenes, just go for it. Even if you are not an anime fan in general, you might still like cowboy Bebop due to its western style and maturity.

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