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Top 10 Best High School DxD Girls

I just finished watching High School DxD, for an ecchi anime, it sure packs a good story and a nice line of characters. It is a harem, so it has some really nice female characters. So here I bring you the list of  best female characters in the series (anime only). Please note that this represents only my opinions and other people might find their favorite girl ranked a bit lower.
List generally depicts which girls I like and why I like them, so here it goes.

10.Serafall Leviathan

Serafall Leviathen high school dxd
Source-high school dxd wiki

Satan in-charge of foreign affairs, and the most powerful devil in the underworld, Serafall is a bubbly girl who likes to cosplay in a magical girl outfit. She is a member of the Sitri family and is quite a beauty.

9.Sona Sitri 

Sona Sitri high school dxd
Source-high school dxd wiki

Sona is the Student Council President, she mostly keeps a serious face and is quite strict with her servants. She is a bit petite compared to other girls but nevertheless, she still is a beauty. Glasses and short hair=10/10, right. She speaks only when it is necessary and has some big dreams. She belongs to upper class of devils but unlike most other high class devils, she considers all devils equal and want to provide them with equal opportunities.


Kuroka high school dxd
Source-high school dxd wiki

Kuroka is the elder sister of Koneko and is a member of the Chaos Brigade. She does what she wants and is a hot combination of being a femme fatale and a curios girl. She has a dark backstory, and only half of it is told in the anime. She usually wears a Kimono and takes a lot of pride in her powers.

7.Grafia Lucifuge

Grafia Lucifuge high school dxd
Source-high school dxd wiki

Grafia is the queen and Wife of the Devil Lord Sirzechs Lucifier. She is mostly seen in a maid outfit and is quite elegant and calm. She is smart and beautiful, a trait most guys look for. She doesn’t get much screen-time so a lot about her is still unknown.

6.Koneko Toujou (Shirone)

Koneko Toujou high school dxd
Source-high school dxd wiki

Koneko is a young  and reserved type of girl having enormous Physical power. She is a Hell Cat and can use variety of physical attacks. She is in the list because of her cold nature and to please loli fans. She is Kuroka’s younger sibling and a member of the Rias Gremory Household. She is mostly seen as an emotionless girl but opens up a lot by the end of the third season. Unlike other girls, she has yet to fully give in to her lust and thus makes some logical remarks everytime Issei does something perverted.

5.Irina Shidou

Irina Shidou high school dxd
Source-high school dxd wiki

Former member of the church and now an angel, Irina is a Holy Sword user and is the childhood friend of Issei. She carries the renowned twintails style and has a really cheerful personality. Even after hearing the truth about God’s demise during the great war, she still prays to him and her beliefs remain unshattered. She looks hot af in her single peice Church Battle Attire.


Rossweisse high school dxd
Source-high school dxd wiki

Rossweisse has like the least screentime in the show, but still it was enough to make an impact. She is included in the list just because of her looks, and her weird personality. She is a valkyrie who served under Norse God Odin but was reincarnated as a Devil after she found out that they pay more for the Job. She has blue eyes and white hair and an extremely sexy battle attire.

3.Xenovia Quarta

Xenovia Quarta high school dxd
Source-high school dxd wiki

Former member of the church and former user of the Holy Sword Excalibur, Xenovia reincarnated as a devil after learning the truth about God and now wields the Holy Sword Durandal. She is hot as hell, has short hair and is really curious about all the wrong stuff. She is always ready to take initiative, which definitely makes her look cool.

2.Akeno Himejima

Akeno Himejima high school dxd
Source-high school dxd wiki

The always smiling and Ara Ara girl who likes to take things slowly (Except when in battle). Known as a sadist in the battlefield, Akeno chan packs body of a racecar model with a shy and girlish second personality. She mostly keeps a smile on her face and it is very difficult to know what is really going in her mind. She has daddy issues which forces her to restrain her from using her true power. She is Rias Gremory’s queen and a very powerful character. Reason for her being second, dat body and dat personality mix up together perfectly.

1.Rias Gremory

Rias Gremory high school dxd
Source-high school dxd wiki

Undoubtedly the best girl in the anime, her first impressions made her look like a sadist negative type of character but in reality she is really sweet, powerful and cares for her friends. She is the girl everyone wants but nobody deserves.  She is king of her household and she is also the younger sister of Current Devil Lord, Sirzechs Lucifer. There is no doubt that she is the number one girl in the series. Rias is the girl every guy wants and fantasizes about, a girl that is open minded and understanding. She is number one for her absolutely gorgeous physique and her lovely character.

Honorable Mentions:
Asia Argento
asia argento high school dxd

Not a big fan of Asia but still she is an important character, cant figure out why she is given importance over so many amazing girls in the series. She used to be a Nun under the church but now is a devil working for Rias Gremory. She is a shy but friendly girl that somewhat pisses me off idk why.

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