Monday, November 9, 2015

Light Novel Review:Utsuro No Hako to Zero no Maria


Rating: 11/10

NOTE: Due to extremely long name of the series, I will call it by its short name "HakoMari".

I'm on a break from anime for a short time, so I gave a try to some light novels. Currently the one I finished is Utsuro No Hako to Zero no Maria (believe me, I copy/pasted the name from google as it is tough to remember) also known as The Empty Box and the Zeroth Maria or simply HakoMari.

Although I am too busy for a few days that I hardly get any time to watch anime, I still try to read manga and light novels by utilizing an hour or two from my sleeping time.

I could have written this review next month when I would get loads of free time but still, resisting the urge to review this breathtaking light novel is an extremely difficult task.

HakoMari Maria Otonashi

Now coming to the light novel, HakoMari is a light novel series written by Eiji Mikage. It focuses on a boy Name Kazuki Hoshino, who values his 'everyday life' a lot and will do anything to protect it. He lives his 'everyday life' peacefully until one day, a girl named Aya Otonashi transfers to his school and declares a straight head-on-head war with him.

My description of this series might not be able to give you a clear idea about what HakoMari is, because it is literally impossible to describe this series in words. It is so much complex and deep that describing its plot is more difficult than winning a fight against a tag team of Chuck Norris and Saitama.

HakoMari is no doubt the best work of literature I've ever  read. It can be classified as a deep psychological supernatural romantic thriller that beats Deathnote in terms of mind games and leaves Neon Genesis Evangelion behind in terms of depth. I've never read anything similar in my life and all the Light Novels and even the other Novels by famous writers like Dan Brown and Agatha Christie that I've read don't even come close to the intensity of HakoMari.

It is ranked second in Myanimelist manga rankings, and first in the Novel rankings of the same, this alone is enough to prove that HakoMari is in a league of its own.

HakoMari excels in both story progression and Character development. The main plot of HakoMari is really beautiful with outstanding storytelling. The suspense, the drama and all the emotions are such beautifully carved that it will leave you totally breathless. I have watched many animes and read many mangas but still one thing I longed for was a perfect ending. Even the animes I watched were not able to quench my thirst for a perfect end. FMA Brotherhood was really close but I was still not satisfied. But thanks to HakoMari, I have finally achieved my goal as it provided me the perfect ending I had always longed for.

Characters in HakoMari are really complex, they are developed very cleverly and by the end, almost every character is completely changed. Even the Main Character was changed so much by the last 2 volumes that it was really difficult to relate him with his initial self. You will find yourself loving the characters you hated at first and you will empathize with them. The emotional dilemmas faced by characters are so detailed and well explained that you will easily find yourself standing in their shoes. Believe me when I say this, HAKOMARI WILL BREAK YOU AND BUILD YOU UP AGAIN.

From my tone and expressions and also from my weird score, you might be wondering why I didn't give it a perfect 10. If you check my list on MAL, you will find out that I give 10 rating to any anime or manga I find good, but when it comes to my reviews on AnimeSannins, I usually don't go beyond 9. Still, HakoMari is so good that I want to give it a perfect 10 but like every great anime or manga, HakoMari has a small drawback; the beginning. It starts really slow and fails to provoke any interest, but once you get pass a few pages, you will find that it is not what you thought it would be. It happened with me also, but I kept on reading and after around 10 pages, I realized that this was going to be really good.

To sum it all up, HakoMari is doubtlessly a Masterpiece. It has a unique and wonderful story with some of the best characters I've ever seen. The dark theme and setting is very justified and the overall enjoyment factor is very high. You can feel that the author gave his all while writing each and every line and the same goes with the translator. HakoMari will touch your heart like it touched mine. I will read it again to enjoy it once more and re-live those wonderful moments I spent reading it.

If you haven't read HakoMari, please do so as you are missing something great. If you have read it and still don't like it (which I know is impossible), then you are hopeless piece of a large cake made out of total bullsh*t (no offense). Ignore the last statement, I wrote this review an year ago.

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