Friday, October 2, 2015

Anime Review: Monster Musume no iru Nichijou

monster musume no iru nichijou

Rating: 6.5/10

Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou or Everyday Life with Monster Girls or simply Monsume is a Harem anime featuring Girls that are half human and half Monsters.As the Cultural exchange bill is passed, these half human species are allowed to live with their human 'host' families. When a student named Kimihito Kuruso is accidentally mistaken for the host of a Lamia named Mia, his life is completely turned upside-down.

Monsume is a very sweet anime with some very memorable characters. All the girls are very pretty and lovable. The MC is also quite strong character-wise and is patient towards the girls and their actions.

Monsume is a great anime to pass some free time. It has an awesome opening and ending. Monsume can be very confusing, but all the confusion in the anime will amuse you a lot. The animation is also well detailed and top-notch. Each episode is different from the previous one and has its own short and light story. 
The best thing about Monsume is its romance. There are some moments where a very romantic moment between the MC and one of the girl occurs but the "final action" is interrupted by some other girl.
I like how cleverly the girls were introduced one by one using hilarious events even till the last episode.

Like any other anime, Monsume has its ups and downs. Monsume has loads of unnecessary fan service. It was done so intensely at some points that it felt really annoying. Another drawback of Monsume is that it doesn't has a continuous and strong story-line. 
Jokes made in the anime are also lame at some moments.
Some characters like Centorea and Mero might feel annoying due to their irritating behavior. 

Nevertheless, Mosume is a great and fun anime to watch. Most episodes were pointless and did not contribute towards plot development but had excellent impact on character development. 
Although Monsume did not feel much special to me in the beginning, the last few episodes were just phenomenal. I still can't get Miia's crying face out of my head. The scene in the last episode where she was crying and wished for her death was really heart touching.
Monsume has some similar heart touching moments but it reverts back to its light hearted theme beautifully. 

For me Monsume was worth watching and I am glad I picked it up for this season.  

Who would watch Monsume?

Due to absence of a strong and well established plot, I don't think it will appeal much to mainstream anime viewers. On the other hand, it can easily entertain anyone who is into ecchi and harem comedies. Anyone who wants to see something light might also like Monsume.

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