Thursday, September 10, 2015

Prison School Episode-9 Review

prison school

Overview: (No Spoilers)

In episode-9 (Full of bodily fluids), the boys are worried about their expulsion from the school. They have to prove their innocence but the Underground Students' Council has erased all proof related to operation DTO (or OBE as stated in manga). 
Shingo remembers that he saw an e-mail related to the operation in the computer located in corrections office. Although the email might have been already deleted, it could still be easily recovered by using a recovery software.
So the boys now work on their plan to distract the vice president and steal the keys from her.

Do they succeed in their plan, or do they bite the dust? See yourself as it is a story about true valor and sacrifice.

The fight for the wet t-shirt contest is on!

My Review:
Unlike other episodes, where the boys, mainly Kiyoshi are mostly focused, episode-9 gives more screen time to the Vice president Meiko. I noticed it first time (lolz), but the vice prez has really beautiful eyes.
Vice president prison school
VP's eyes

Coming back to the review, Episode-9 is another hilarious addition to this gorgeous anime. The whole episode was a show to display the superhuman power of the vice prez as she takes down five masculine boys in an arm wrestling match.
I had very high expectations from the boys as they were really confident and had also built up muscular bodies (Except Joe) due to the prison labor, yet they were no match for our glorious vice prez.

Gakuto from prison school
Gakuto flashing his body

The whole episode was filled with humor, struggle, flashing boobs (both male and female) and hilarious dialogue. Although what Gakuto said in the end was very heart touching, it still was a very funny episode.

From the beginning till the end, I was on the edge of my seat to see how the things end up until I was completely thrown back at the final moment. 
For those who are still deciding if they should watch Prison school or not, please do not hesitate, as it is the best anime of the season.

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