Thursday, September 3, 2015

Prison School Episode-8 Review

Overview: (No Spoilers)

Episode-8 (The Diary of Andre) contains the final events of operation DTO (O in DTO is for operation so please pardon my mistake). Following the events of previous episode, Andre is still in despair as he is not getting any punishment from the vice-president. Shingo gets to go out again as a reward for working for the Underground Student's council.

The President plans DTO in such a way that it results in two breakouts in a single day which in turn lead to the boys' expulsion. Shingo learns his lesson about friendship  and tries to jeopardize the council's plans but fails at the end moment. Now the boys have two weeks before they will be finally expelled.

My Review:

Every Episode of Prison School amuses me a lot and episode-8 was another Jewel to the crown. Although the episode took a serious turn in between, it still had its funny moments, like all the boys beating up Shingo for getting a peek of Anzu's **stuff**.

shingo prison school
Shingo after the beating

I have to say that this episode was totally unpredictable for me and I was about to jump due to excitement at some moments. There were some really good scenes like when Shingo tried to save a kid from his friends' harsh treatment and learnt his lesson instead or when  the boys were trying to reach out for Shingo (for their perverted cause).

Episode-8 is a pure example of the saying - "Boys will be boys". I really want to see what Kiyoshi and others come up with to prevent their expulsion so I am eagerly waiting for the next episode.

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