Sunday, September 20, 2015

Prison School Episode-11 Review

prison school butt wrestling competition
The butt wrestling competetion 

Overview: (No spoilers)

In episode-11 (Eryngii Brockovich), the boys have finally earned one day extension to find evidence against the Underground Students Council. With war themed music playing in the background, Gakuto explains his escape plan to other boys.
Everything is set, Chiyo has received her instructions and now the boys wait for the Vice president's entry, but at the final moment before the execution, the boys find themselves in trouble as Vice president Meiko is replaced by Hana.
 When the boys were about to give up, Kiyoshi proposed to sacrifice himself and used Hana's grudge for their own advantage. 
As now Hana remembers everything that happened in Nurse's office, Kiyoshi finds his "mushroom" in danger. As now a raged Hana jumps towards Kiyoshi with scissors, the fate of both Kiyoshi and the other boys lie in the painful turn of events.

prison school hana angry
RIP Kiyoshi's Mushroom

My Review:

On a scale of 1-10, episode-11 scores a perfect 11 (lolz). Though the story and events are more serious now, still the comedy prevails. 
I have read the particular manga volume, so I had low expectations for this episode due to censorship. But still, not only was I wronged, but all my low expectations were shattered.

You will find yourself laughing and worrying at the same time. You will laugh on the misfortune of the boys, especially Kiyoshi. Kiyoshi is really the hero of the episode. To go against Hana's raw strength and anger is beyond my imagination.

About the episode ending, it was very shocking. Who would think Hana would go to such an extent just for revenge. Everything came as unexpected. I knew what was going to happen but seeing it in live animation was something off the hook.

To sum it all up, episode-11 is very engaging and extremely hilarious. It will pump you up in the beginning and keep you pumped up till the very end. All the events that required censorship were cleverly executed. The pace was normal and everything went on smoothly. So for me, it was a prefect piece of work to enjoy after a tiring day.

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