Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Prison School Episode-10 Review (My fav character!!!!)

prison school gakuto nuts
Gakuto gone nuts

Overview: (No Spoilers)

In Episode-10 (Its a bum-derful life), the boys have one last day before expulsion. All the boys are low in spirit and have lost the will to fight. Gakuto has gone completely nuts due to the failure of their previous plan. As they have their final supper, Gakuto comes back to his senses and formulates a new plan to escape the prison and prove their innocence, but they are already out of time. Kiyoshi somehow gets the chairman to hear their request to postpone their expulsion, bur unexpectedly, the chairman asks him a question that would determine if the boys are worthy of any extension or not.

On the other hand, Hana finally remembers what happened at the nurse's office between her and Kiyoshi. With a knife in hand, she approaches the prison with an intent to kill him.
prison school hana angry
Hana coming to kill Kiyoshi

Will the boys get extension? Does Kiyoshi know the answer to the question? Will Kiyoshi survive Hana's wrath? Watch the episode find out yourself.
hana does look scary
Hana looks scary

My Review:

I said it earlier and I will say it again, Prison school is the best anime of this season. It started off good and even after 10 episodes, it hasn't failed to deliver its usual dose of entertainment.

Coming back to the episode, it was a great mix of comedy and drama. From starting till the end, it was nearly perfect. The only problem was that the story progresses really slow at some points. 

I am obliged to tell you that I have already read 160 chapters of Prison School manga and I already knew what was going to happen, still it felt like I was watching this part of the story for the first time.

Although there was lots of censorship in the episode, it did not have any negative effect on the overall quality of the episode.

To sum it all up, Episode-10 was a great experience. Just when you think it is all over, the boys come up with something new. Although, I had hoped for some more story progress, it still had a good ending and paved way for a hilarious and more dramatic episode-11.

My favorite character!

10 episodes and 160 chapters are enough to determine one's favorite character, so at last I have decided mine.
 After watching the current episode and reading the manga, I can comfortably say that my favorite character is Underground Student Council President Mari. At this moment many of you would be like wtf, but I can't help it as I found her the best one in the series.

For people who have not read the manga, Mari is my favorite because she is really clever and on the same time compassionate as it is be revealed later. Although she hates the boys, she can still be good friends with them. 

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