Thursday, September 24, 2015

Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou Episode-12 Review

rachnera binds lala
Rachnera binding Lala

Overview: (No Spoilers)

Part-1 of Episode-12 (Everyday Life with Monster Girls) begins with the Dullahan continuing with her prediction of Darling's death. The girls then try to rescue Darling and take him somewhere safe but instead, they trigger more deathflags while doing so. In the end, the real truth behind his death prediction is revealed.

In part-2, Darling is evaluating monthly expanses just to find out that he is completely broke. He then goes to a market with girls where people offer him free ingredients for the help they received from the girls. 
Cerea and Mero carry the goods home  and this leaves Darling alone with Suu, who takes Darling to the forest where Kii now resides to gather some wild vegetables. 
With enough food in hand, Darling prepares a memorable dinner for everyone.

My Review:

At last, the final episode is out and now this beautiful series has reached its end. It was a joyful journey from the starting to the end. I will discuss about it later in my full review which will be out by Sunday.

Episode-12 is very decent in terms of execution. It begins with the seriousness carried on from the previous episode and continues with it throughout the first part. At the end of  Part-1, Mia once again proves why she is the best match for Darling.

Although the seriousness fades away as soon as the truth is revealed but still, it was really fun to see things end that way. The newest addition to family Lala is also really cute but she suffers the same superiority complex as Cerea.

For the second part of the story, all I can say is that it was pretty light. Suu got more screentime and dialogues

which revealed more about her character and that is a good thing as she was neglected almost entirely in many episodes.

As it was the final episode, it felt like the creators put their heart and soul into its execution. Not only the animation and art were top notch, but the music and emotions showed by characters were also heart touching.

The ending was quite normal considering the story of the whole episode. It did not conclude the series and paved way for a second season.

smith san scary
Smith San can get Scary

On the overall quality of the episode, all I can say is that according to me, it is the best monsume episode. It will make you laugh and it will make you cry, but the best thing is that it will make you miss this beautiful anime.

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