Sunday, September 13, 2015

Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou Episode-10 Review

everyday life with monster girls Kii
Kii in her monster form

Overview: (Spoiler Alert)

In Episode-10 (Everyday life with D), Darling kun is on a double date with Papi and Su in a forest where industrial waste is dumped illegally (weird place to go to on a date). Papi the 'birdbrain' is trying to remember something important related to the forest but fails to do so until it is revealed that the gigantic tree monster that attacked them used to be a small tree belonging to the Dryad species and Papi was the one who planted it in the forest.

The monster's name is Kii and she has grown big and angry by absorbing the nutrients from the industrial waste. Darling, Papi and Su now enter a boob-sucking battle to take down this gigantic monster.

In part-2 of the episode, Darling is on a date with Cerea and Rachnera (Uninvited). A new mysterious character named Lilith chan is introduced whose sole motto is to have fun by hypnotizing Cerea and make her do dirty things to Darling. Before anything serious happens, Rachnera breaks the hypnotism and captures Lilith for further interrogation.

My Review:

For me, Episode-10 was insanely confusing in many ways, but I need to mention here that confusion is a beauty of this anime. I do feel that too much story is covered in a single episode as episode-10 was worth two complete episodes.

Lets come to the girls, Su is one of my favorites, and it was great to see her having some sense and intelligence for a brief moment. Cerea too looked sassy in her armor. Rachnera was still the best looking monster girl in the episode. 

everyday life with monster girls rachnera white top
Rachnera  in white top

As far as the story goes, I am anxious to find out who is the original writer of the threatening letter.
Although , as the MC is dating more and more girls, we are further advancing towards the conclusion.

To sum it all up, episode-10 does not directly focus on the main story and feels like an enjoyable filler. It lead to some good character development and introduction of some new characters. Lets see how the series goes as currently it is too early to draw out any conclusion.

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