Sunday, September 6, 2015

Monster Musume No Iru Nichijou Episode-9 Review

Overview: (No Spoilers)

Darling kun is on a date, and that too with Ms Smith. Now that leaves us with five jealous girls (I'm not counting Suu in). In Episode-9 (Everyday life with threatening letters), we see girls trying to figure out what Smith and 'Darling' are doing together. But soon it is revealed that it was all done to find out the person who sent threatening letter to Darling.
Later Mia and Mero go out with Darling on a date to an aquarium to lure the culprit out. Nevertheless, the results are not so fruitful as their date is interrupted by another non-human named Draco the Dragonnewt. With so much confusion in the air, the terror of the letter continues.

My Review:

Due to the revelation of the letter, the series takes a new turn to a serious direction. I personally am not a bog fan of Monster Musume on an overall basis but I do enjoy the lightness of each episode individually. Girls trying to spy on darling was something new (it resulted in two org**ms triggered by Suu) and although their methods were questionable, I found them quite amusing. Both Centorea and Mia looked great in the ice-cream vendor outfit (huehue).

Mia and centorea
Doesn't Mia look cute

I do have the feeling that the revelation of the original writer of the letter is going to be something hilarious (I don't know why). As the series progresses, I am becoming anxious to find out who Darling ends up with but I do hope it is Mia.

Episode-9 had some good romance cooking up between Darling and Mia and when they were finally about to kiss, Mero interfered in between (unintentionally as she says).

Nevertheless, on an overall basis, episode-9 was pretty okay with some good plot and character development and I am dying to see who the original writer of the letter is.

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