Saturday, September 19, 2015

Monster Mudsume no Iru Nichijou Episode-11 Review

Overview: (Very Mild spoilers)

In Episode-11 (Everyday Life with the Dullahan), Darling is on a date with all the girls that were earlier assigned to find the writer of the threatening letters and were also responsible for Darling's security. 
A second threatening letter is received by Darling during the date and it is bit different from the first letter in terms of writing style.
Darling dates all the girls one by one throughout the day until the real culprit is lured out. By the end of the final date with Manako (cyclops girl), the truth behind the threatening letter is revealed. The letter was sent by Doppel (shape-shifting girl) and Smith to force Darling to finalize a girl for his wedding. But the interesting thing is that they had no association with the second letter. As darling heads home, he has a deadly encounter with a headless girl.

Who is this headless girl? What is the secret behind the second letter? Will Darling make it back in one piece?
Watch the episode now to find answers to all these questions.

My Review:

All I can say is that episode-11 is very interesting. It keeps your brain running to analyze all the facts to reach a logical conclusion. 
Like most of the monsume episodes, episode-11 can be split into two parts. I briefly explained the first part in the overview but kept the second one under the shadows.

Episode-11 is pretty relevant in terms of plot development. After numerous dates and embarrassing events, the truth behind the threatening letter was finally revealed. The new revelation by the end of the episode is pretty shocking in itself and gives a interesting turn to the story.

The overall quality of the episode was really nice. Everything was at its usual pace. I got to see more of Mia so I am pretty happy (She is my favorite monsume girl). Each of the security girl's character was explored during the dates. Unlike other harems, where the MC is some weak or quiet guy, monsume's MC is quite strong and well developed in terms of character.

Everyday life with monster girls mia passed out
Let the poor soul RIP

Episode-11 has some really funny moments, revealing them here will act as a spoiler so I'll leave them for you to experience. The ending added a new serious twist to the story. I have a mild feeling that episode-12 is going to be a blast so lets just wait and see.  

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