Sunday, September 27, 2015

God Eater Episode-8 Review

Lenka's broken God Arc
Lenka's broken God Arc

Overview: (No Spoilers)

Episode-8 (Sakuya Tachibana) begins with the events that happened between episode-7 and episode-8 being summarized in form if data that is to be input into computer log. Lenka and Alisa, both were relieved from the 1st Unit for the time being. Alisa is suffering from severe metal trauma while Lenka's God Arc is broken. 
While Lindow is on a secret mission, the 1st unit is deployed along with 2nd unit on a joint operation to extract more cores. Due to unforeseen circumstances, their plan fails and as they face life and death situation, Lenka moves in and guides them out of it, thus making him a local hero. 
When Lenka accidentally drops his compass in front of Sakuya, She spaces out for a while after seeing the mark in its back, thus continuing the mystery of the broken compass.

My Review:

After a very disappointing episode, God Eater comes back with a blast. Episode-8 is really good in terms of plot development and providing an intense experience.

Although there was some unnecessary fanservice in this episode, which annoyed me a lot, still it did not affect the overall quality of the episode.

Like I said earlier, God Eater has some huge potential. It has an excellent story but the poor execution of events makes it a little dull, though episode-8 was well executed but it felt a bit boring at some scenes.

Episode-8 is vital in terms of plot development. It has triggered new events that will affect the whole story considerably. 

The episode ending was very good. The suspense that is developed in the end makes you curious about what is going to happen next.

To sum it all up, Episode-8 is good in terms of plot execution but its boring main character makes it a bit dull. It had some good music playing in the background that suited the overall theme. It will pump you up in the end due to new twist in events.

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