Wednesday, September 2, 2015

God Eater Episode-6 Review

god eater poster
God Eater Poster

Overview: (No Spoilers)

Episode-6 (Stay True) follows the events of episode-5. Both Lenka and Alisa were defeated by the new type of Vajra (Alisa cals it Papi). As the episode progresses, Alisha'a tragic past is revealed. Both Lenka and Alisha try to escape the area and search for Alisha's missing God Arc. While Alisha breaks down mentally while surrounded by the Aragami, Lenka fights them alone with his broken God arc. In the end, both are saved by Lindow from a heard of Aragami. 

My Review:

Although this episode did lack the usual God Eater action but still, it helped a lot in character development of both Alisa and Lenka. I noticed that the characters did lack expressions at moments which are sad or tragic. I was not expecting or should I say I did not want Lindow to make a sudden appearance and save them as it was easily predictable but still all is well that ends well.

I am glad to see that Alisa is not all that much arrogant and ignorant. Lenka and Alisa both are quite similar and I hope their characters develop even more.

"Stay True" did feel a little bland but it was all compensated by good plot development and awesome soundtrack. Not much suspense is left for the next episode but I am curious to see how the series will end.

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