Friday, September 4, 2015

Gangsta Episode-9 Review

Ginger from gangsta tags
Ginger with her S/5 tags

Overview: (No Spoilers)

Episode-9 (Siblings) begins with Alex finishing her song. The Handymen are on a lookout for any anti-twilights that might interrupt the party at the Bastards. Soon enough, the Bastards is attacked by Mikhael and Erika. In the fight that follows, it is revealed that Nicolas is originally a B/5 but has gained A/0 rank due to overdose of celebre. It is also revealed that Ginger from Paul Klee guild is rated S/5, which is the highest rank amongst all the Dogtags that have been shown in the anime.

My Review:

If you read my review of episode-8, you will notice that I was not amused much by it, so episode-9 came as a refresher to me. It has all the action and usual 'Gangsta' stuff in it. 

I have read the original manga and I remember the chapters on which the current episode is based upon. The creators did omit out the funny scenes, but it did not spoil the anime, instead it added to the seriousness of this episode. 

Although it had a big revelation, the characters did not show much interest in it making it a bland one without any special feelings that can't move one's heart.

I loved the fighting scenes in episode-9, so for me it was worth watching. I am waiting to see what happens after the shocking revelations as it will add another twist to the main story.

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