Thursday, September 24, 2015

Gangsta Episode-11 Review

gangsta one of the hunters
One of the hunters

Overview: (No Spoilers)

Episode-11 (Absence) begins with Yang and Delico leaving the Monroe Mansion to look for Erica and stop her from killing more twilights. Meanwhile, two hunters that had entered the Paul Klee colony are working there way to the main base and are slaying twilights mercilessly. Doug is on his way to report the events to Captain Chad but is intercepted by a hunter. Using Smoke bombs as cover, the hunters were finally able to reach the main base but had to pull out as they were no match for Gina and Ginger. 
Meanwhile, Alex is suffering from mental delusions as her flashbacks are becoming even more severe.

My Review:

Episode-11 is full of ups and downs. I liked the episode but there were some bad moments that spoiled the whole fun.

Well, as Gangsta is undergoing a dramatic twist in story, it is getting even more interesting. Episode-11 is another addition that supplements these change of events.

Episode-11 is filled with action and drama. It also tried to emphasize a little on Alex's suffering, but the execution was imperfect and the scene depicting her pain and agony felt really boring and forced. It was unnecessary to show her crying and hallucinating. 

alex hallucinating about emilio
Alex hallucinating about Emilio

Although the starting was boring and slow, rest of the episode was pretty decent. I want to discuss the episode ending so bad but it will spoil the whole suspense.

After 11 episodes, Gina's class is still kept under the shadows but I feel that she is atleast S/2 as she is stronger than Ginger who is S/5. I don't like Gina much but I have to admit that she is really badass.

I said earlier, I will not discuss the episode ending in detail, but for the sake of this review, all I can say is that it is really sad yet full of hope.

To sum it all up, Episode-11 is a great episode with usual 'Gangsta' action. Although there was no sign of the Handymen during the whole episode, still it only emphasized on the fact that Gangsta is pretty good even without its Main characters.

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