Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Charlotte Episode-9 Review

Overview: (No Spoilers)

Episode-10 (Looting) continues with the story that Yuu's elder brother Shinsuke is telling him. Shinsuke used his time leap ability multiple times to win lotteries and earn money to establish a better future for teens with special abilities. Yuu then takes this ability from Shinsuke to save their sister Ayumi.

My Review:

Another fast episode, its getting difficult to keep up (just kidding). The first 5-6 episodes of Charlotte were pretty damn slow and now we get smashed with superfast episodes one after another. 

Jumping back to episode-10, although it  created too much favorable situations for out MC that it feels easily predictable, nevertheless, it was a fine episode with great twists and turns. 

I like how Yuu changed from a selfish little brat to a mature and kind person.

Now, it is revealed why Shinsuke is blind. The time leap (or time lapse) ability is similar to using a Mangekyo Sharingan (Google it if you don't know 'bout it), as both result in loss of vision with usage.
Shinsuke blind charlotte
Shinsuke after waking up blind

It was great to see Ayumi again, I can't get enough of her. She is alive again, so I don't have any complaints with the ending of the episode.

I have to agree that the episode was filled with overwhelming optimism, so much that it bored me a lot, I mean everything was bound to be perfect for the characters. Mix this up with the lightening fast pace of the episode and you will understand what I am trying to say.

Nevertheless, Charlotte is a great anime and although episode-10 had a lot of negative reviews on MAL discussion board, it is still a good episode and not all that bad as some haters are trying to say.

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