Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Charlotte Episode-12 Review

yuu hospitalised
Yuu in Hospital

Overview: (Mild Spoilers)

Episode-12 (Promise) follows the events of episode-11. Yuu is hospitalized due to severe injuries. He wakes up to find that Kumagami is dead and his brother is in the same condition that he was once in when Ayumi had died. Yuu's friends from the student council visit him one by one to cheer him up and after a few days Yuu finally gets a chance to meet Tomori and discusses the future of ability wielders with her. Further events might act as spoilers. All I can reveal is that you can kiss Misa goodbye. ;_;

yusarin looks cute
Yusa looks cute

My Review:

Finally, a well paced and well executed episode. Episode-12 starts lightly and becomes serious as it approaches the ending. It is a well balanced episode with some good plot and character development.

Episode-12 has some mild tearjerking scenes. I found it sad at the point when Misa said her final words to her parents before leaving Yusa's body. I like her a lot so it was really hard to watch her leave. Her final letter to Yusa was emotionally driving. There were other good scenes also but I don't want to spoil the suspense anymore.

This episode initiates a new adventure for Yuu and the syndicate, an adventure on which their future depends. With only one more episode to go, it will be good to find out how the things end.

About the ending of the episode; it was pretty decent. The heavy moment when Yusa read the letter left to her by Misa before leaving is the most emotional moment in Charlotte for me. Nevertheless, it had to happen someday and I am glad that Misa took the initiative and responsibility here and freed Yusa. While I am writing this, I find myself in deepest of despair and I feel somewhat empty. 
Although it was sad to see her go, I am happy that Yusa came to know that her sister was with her all this time. 

yusa reading letter left by misa
Yusa reading the letter left to her by Misa

But as they say-"All is well that ends well", I feel relieved after seeing Tomori well and unharmed. 

Yuu has now embarked on a journey that will determine the fate of all the ability wielders in the world. It would be nice if he succeeds in his plans and returns back to Tomori.

About the overall quality of the episode, all I can say is that unlike the last few Charlotte episodes, episode-12 is not much rushed and gives plenty of time to plot and character development. The story was good from starting till the very end and it felt like a complete episode. I am completely satisfied by this episode and it will affect my overall review of Charlotte.

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