Monday, September 14, 2015

Charlotte Episode-11 Review


Overview: (No Spoilers)

Charlotte episode-11 (Charlotte) continues with the events of episode-10 where Yuu used time leap ability to save Ayumi. In episode-11, it is revealed that Yuu is the strongest ability wielder and might be targeted by terrorist organisations for research. Although all precautions were taken, things don't end up well for the syndicate.

My Review:

Episode-11 reminds of a famous quote from the movie Men in Black 3 -"Where there is death, there always will be death". I won't discuss what I mean by it as it will reveal the ending of the episode.

Episode-11 was a key plot twist in the main story. It started of well and as I though everything was going to be okay with happy endings and stuff, Key came in with their usual plot twisting and tearjerking drama.

As many people predicted earlier, Charlotte is originally the name of a comet that is mentioned in this particular episode. Charlotte passes Earth every 75 years and each time it does so, it emits particles that when absorbed by children, gift them with special abilities. Shunsuke is working with a group of scientists to develop a vaccine that will make children immune to the effect of those particles. (No more superpowers ;_;)

charlotte comet
Charlotte comet sample

Although Episode-11 was really a milestone for this anime in terms of story, still it lacked precision and good execution. Like the last couple of episodes, it was rushed as hell.
The expressions and environment really  made it quite dull in terms of appearance and feel. Everything was happening very fast. The switch between scenes, moods and emotions was difficult to cope up with. I don't know why they are rushing it so much as it is spoiling this beautiful anime.

Nevertheless, with two more episodes to go, I am anxious about the ending, so let us see how it goes.

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