Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Gangsta Episode-8 Review

Handymen are fit for any job

Overview: (No spoilers)
Episode-8 (Evening Dress) covers the beginning of events that will later result in disruption of fragile peace that exists in the city of Ergastulum. We get to know a bit about Alex's past and her character is explained more than others. We are also introduced to Loretta Christiano Amodio who is the head of Christiano family ( she is just a teenager). Also we get to see handymen, the gang slayer, working part-time to fix Constance's shop.

My Review:

Although this episode covers various plot elements, I found it a bit dull as it did not follow the usual pace of previous episodes and some comedy was also introduced which seemed somewhat forced and boring.  Other than introduction of some new characters and unraveling of Alex's past, there is nothing much in this episode. 
I found myself yawning at some scenes but I kept watching it just to follow the story. 

Although this episode lacks the usual Gangsta charm, it still followed a short but good story buildup and left some suspense for the next episode. I like how they gave more screen time to Alex and explored her character more.

Overall, it was a mix of good and bad experiences for a viewer. 

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