Sunday, August 30, 2015

Charlotte Episode-9 Review

Nao in her cute look
Nao with har cam

Overview: (No Spoilers)

Charlotte Episode 9 (The world not Present) covers a lot of story and has some good plot development over very little time. The episode starts with our MC Yuu getting ready for the ZHIEND gig (or might I say - his date with Tomori). With the change of events overtime, we have some very big revelations and plot twists.

My Review:

Out of all the Charlotte Episodes, episode-9 has become my favorite. There are many reasons for it, I can't reveal the main one here because it will act as a spoiler. 

So lets get back to the review. Nao really looks cute in her new look, but for the love of God, why can't she leave that goddamn camera home once in a while.

Nevertheless, I am happy that her hatred for Yuu has vanished . Moreover, I like her cheerful and 'fangirl' side also.

Coming over to ZHIEND, they have some really good songs (which I am going to get as soon as they are released in a bundle). Sala looks good in her rock 'n' roll look.

The episode had a slow start but it grew up amazingly and had a superb ending leaving a major suspense for the next episode. My heart was beating over 100 during the whole episode as something thrilling was happening every second.

This episode completely satisfied me so I'll give it a perfect 10. I am a simple man, if I like something, I don't hold back while assigning it a perfect score. 

So watch the episode and leave your reviews in comments section. 

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