Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Charlotte Episode-8 Review

Sala Shane being Sala Shane
Overview: (No Spoilers)

Episode 8 (Encounter) is a breather after the heavy (in terms of feels) episode-7. Everything is now turning back to normal. The new character introduced in this episode is Sala Shane who is the lead vocalist for a post rock band named ZHIEND which is also the favorite band of Nao Tomori.

My Review:

Well for me, the star of the show was Sala Shane. Sala is a really cool looking character with awesome and energetic voice. I enjoyed the whole episode as it had a good mix of humorous and serious moments. I like how both Yusarin and Takajou tried to cheer Yuu in their own way. Yusarin's (damn I should just stick with Yusa) musical video was also really cool. I am already a fan of Yusa's magical spell series (#1 is introduced in this episode), so seeing more of it is really calming. 

Episode was slow paced but had good development, I am glad to see that Yuu has changed and he is becoming more selfless and a better person.

The ending was great, it gave a new hope and turn to the main story.

Lets get back to Sala, she acts like a typical tourist, always looking for something and always hungry. She can grasp the gravity of situation by just hearing breathing sounds (thats some ability). I am waiting for next episode as it might explain about her past in a better way as this one failed in that job miserably.

Nevertheless, if you haven't watched episode 8, take some time and watch it without rush.

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